Upsize Cashback | Tabletop Gaming Live

  • Sep 22 2018
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Could the Tabletop Gaming Live convention upseat Salute as UK's largest tabletop gaming event? We'll find out end of September when it happens!

We will also be having a minor presence there as a paid visitor. If you do see us in a Tabletop Cashback T-Shirt, do drop by and say hi!


Just so we don't forget about you while we have some fun, there's UPSIZE cashback for everyone!

Magic Madhouse: 4.5% Cashback Upsized (was 4%)

Chaos Cards: 4.5% Cashback Upsized (was 4%)

Goblin Gaming: 4.0% Cashback Upsized (was 3.5%)


This is valid from 22 Sept - 2 Oct. LIMITED time only.

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