Miniature Wargaming Conventions List - 2019

  • Jan 16 2019
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Last year, we compiled a list of all the major wargaming conventions and tournaments you need to know for 2018. Some of these were a blast with major announcements from companies like Games Workshop, hype aplenty from demo-ed games like Keyforge, and Live Streaming of tournament games even.

From major reveals to live streaming and recorded podcasts. One can expect the same this year too!

Here’s a list of major convention dates you need to know for 2019.

*Note: Information below can be subjected to change. As more key dates of major events get revealed, this list will be updated.

 Month  Date  Convention Type  Event  Location
 January  12-13  Age of Sigmar  Age of Sigmar Team Championship  Nottingham, UK
 19-20  Malifaux  UK Masters  Daventry, UK
 February  2-3  Warhammer 40k  The Horus Heresy & Necromunder Weekender  East Midlands Airport, UK
 8-10  Wargaming  Las Vegas Open  Las Vegas, USA
 8-10  Wargaming  CaptainCon  Rhode Island, USA
 8-10  Wargaming  Bonescon  Guildford, UK
 9-10  Warhammer 40k  Horus Heresy Throne of Skulls  Nottingham, UK
 16-17  Warhammer 40k  40k GT Championship Heat #4  Nottingham, UK
 22-24  MTG  Mythic Championship Cleveland  Ohio, USA
 March  1-3  Wargaming  ConVergenceUK  Stockport, UK
 2-3  Age of Sigmar  GT Championship Heat #1  Nottingham, UK
 11-15  General  GAMA Trade Show (Industry Players Only)  Nevada, USA
 16-17  Warhammer 40k  40k GT Championship Finals  Nottingham, UK
 23  Wargaming  Chillcon  Ecclesfield, Sheffield, UK
 23-24  Age of Sigmar  Age of Sigmar Throne of Skulls  Nottingham, UK
 27-31  Wargaming  Adepticon  Illinois, USA
 30-31  Warhammer 40k  Warhammer 40k Throne of Skulls  Nottingham, UK
 April  6  Wargaming  Salute  London, UK
 20  Bolt Action  Imps Bolt Action Open  Lincoln, UK
 26-28  MTG  Mythic Championship London  London, UK
 May  3-5  Warmachine/Hordes  Southern Ontario Open  Ontario, Canada
 4-5  Age of Sigmar  GT Championship Heat #2  Nottingham, UK
 25-26  Malifaux  2018 ITC  Stockport, UK
 31-2  General  UK Games Expo  Birmingham, UK
 June  8-9  Age of Sigmar  Campaign Weekend  Nottingham, UK
 12-16  General  Origins Games Fair  Ohio, USA
 16-17  Warhammer 40k  40k GT Championship Heat #1  Nottingham, UK
 22-23  Age of Sigmar  GT Championship Heat #2  Nottingham, UK
 TBD  Warmachine/Hordes  Lock & Load  TBD
 July  26-28  MTG  Mythic Championship Barcelona  Barcelona, Spain
 August  1-4  General  Gen Con  Indianapolis, USA
 29-1  Wargaming  Nova Open  Washington D.C., USA
 September  28-29  General  Tabletop Gaming Live  London, UK
 October  TBD  X-Wing Miniatures  Coruscant Invitational  TBD
 TBD  Wargaming  SoCal Open 2018  California, USA
 November  TBD  Warmachine/Hordes  Warmachine Weekend  TBD
 8-10  MTG  Mythic Championship Richmond  Virginia, USA
 9-10  Malifaux  Malifaux UK Nationals  Melton Mowbray, UK
 23-24  Bolt Action  Bolt Action Grand Tournament 2019  TBC
 December  TBD  TBD  TBD  TBD


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Eric Ducreux


You forgot: – Tabletop Scotland 24-25th August 2019. Perth, Scotland (probably the biggest convention in Scotland, including all manners of tabletop gaming. >1000 visitors on its 1st year and likely to be >2000 in 2019) – Conpulsion 6-7th April 2019 - Edinburgh, Scotland (mainly RPGs, but has board-games and miniature games demos) – Glasgow Games Gathering 2019 (June 29th), Glasgow, Scotland - Miniature gaming. This is a come back as it has not bee held for a few years