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  • Feb 25 2019
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We are excited to announce has been added on to Tabletop Cashback! With 7% Cashback on your wargaming mat purchases, fulfils the need to play games with a narrative element without the need to actually invest in a prettily made table. 

Using refined printing technology, produces single or double-sided mats in great detail on various materials. Gaming Mats they make comes in 3' x 3', 4' x 4', 6' x 4' and caters for games like:

- Warhammer 40k
- Kill Team
- Warmachine
- Star Wars Legion
- X-Wing
- Star Wars Armada
- and many more!

Packages are generally dispatched within 7 working days upon receiving payment. Shipping costs starts from EUR€ 20. Shipping area of coverage ranges from USA all the way to Asia.

What are you waiting for? Shop NOW:


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