Ever felt the cost of hobbying & gaming keeps on increasing? Well, we surely do!

Customers want their hobby stores to reduce prices. Concurrently, these stores need to cover their operational costs by generating enough revenue. Reducing retail price is not an easy task and it usually involves some sacrifices made on the business’ end.

Realizing there exists a win-win scenario where both customers and stores can benefit from customer savings, the idea of Tabletop Cashback was born. When you shop online through us, we give you a portion of your purchase back as cashback! We receive commissions from leading you to that store and then we share it out. Simple concept isn’t it?

To find out how this works, click here.

Unlike other cashback platforms, Tabletop Cashback partners itself with tabletop gaming retailers. Preferences are given to stores that have a Brick & Mortar presence to help support them. We are starting small, but we will go big.

As a hobbyist & gamer, it brings us great pleasure to be able to help manage or even expand your hobby given the challenging situations today. If you are looking for affordable products from tabletop games like Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Infinity, or even Board Games and Card Games you should check out our partner stores listed on this website. If you are a business entity looking to grow your revenue or market share, please contact us ASAP. You came to the right place!