Tabletop Cashback is a platform to reward the tabletop gaming hobby!

When you buy online from our partner stores by clicking on our link buttons first, the store rewards us with commissions for leading you to them. Rather than keeping it all to ourselves, we share a portion with you by giving you cashback!

To start getting cashback from your online shopping, just follow these 4 simple steps.

You can view how much cashback you have collected on your dashboard page in Tabletop Cashback. Once satisfied with your cashback accumulated and the minimum cashout threshold is reached, you can request to cash out accordingly. Cash will then be creditted into your PayPal account.

As we track your purchases using cookies, ensure cookies are enabled on your browser. For more info, you can visit our FAQ page.

Given the challenging situation today and how it affects our hobby, it brings us great pleasure to know that we can help even if just a bit. Know a cool online store? Let us know at [email protected] if you'd like that store featured on Tabletop Cashback!